Cutting Toys to Cut Calories

Cutting Toys to Cut Calories

Obesity trends have been a major focus in the last few years. It has brought about a lot of changes like menu labeling, health care reform, and even consumer demands for healthy options. I recently read an article about how a county in California is cutting toys that are given out with kid’s meals. I have to agree with those opposed to this idea. I know it came with the right intentions – if the kids can’t get a toy then they won’t want a fast food meal. There may be some merit in that statement, but it’s not the root of the problem. Parents are ultimately responsible for what is allowed in their children’s mouths. Rather than taking the shortcut to reducing obesity, local governments should focus on education, menu labeling, nutrition info, and encouraging restaurants to incorporate healthy menu options. Restaurants shouldn’t be punished for what is in demand. The consumer (or the consumer’s parent) makes the decision to purchase and eat a meal that is unhealthy. By working with restaurants to better educate the public, I think local governments will have a better outcome.

I’m interested to see how this new law impacts obesity. What do you guys suggest as alternative ideas? Anyone for this law? Do you think this could happen in Dallas?

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