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By Shrikant Prasoon

50 Soul Stirring tales is a set of pleasant tales designed to advance the brain, loose it from distortions and fasten with the internal spirit. The protagonists listed below are traditional humans faced with their very own delusions, weaknesses and unaccountable wishes. The tales evoke the dilemmas, soreness and weird joys of adolescence and maturity.

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Like to go for a walk? ' 'All right,' I said. ' She went off into the bedroom. I walked round the lounge and convinced myself that I was awake. The shadows, the solid feel of the chairs, the definition was much too fine for a dream. 08. Normally Helen would take ten minutes to put on her coat. The jump-back came almost immediately. 06. I was still on the sofa and Helen was bending down and picking up her work basket. This time, at last, the set was off. ' Helen asked. I felt in my pocket automatically.

By the third day after Jane's arrival I'd lost two hundred dollars' worth of Beethoven and more Mendelssohn and Schubert than I could bear to think about. Jane seemed oblivious to the trouble she was causing me. ' she asked, surveying the chaos of gas cylinders and drip feeds spread across the floor. 'I don't think they like you,' I told her. 'At least the Arachnid doesn't. ' 'Nonsense,' she said, laughing at me. ' I asked her. I was annoyed that I couldn't go down to the beach with them and instead had to spend my time draining tanks and titrating up norm solutions, none of which ever worked.

She stepped closer to the orchid and looked down into its malevolent head. The Arachnid quivered and the spines on its stem arched and flexed menacingly. 'Careful,' I warned her. ' 'Quiet,' she said, waving me back. ' 'Those are only key fragments,' I told her. 'It doesn't perform. ' She held my arm and squeezed it tightly. A low, rhythmic fusion of melody had been coming from the plants around the shop, and mounting above them I heard a single stronger voice calling out, at first a thin high-pitched reed of sound that began to pulse and deepen and finally swelled into full baritone, raising the other plants in chorus about itself.

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