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By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The fast works of Dostoevsky exist within the very huge shadow of his fabulous longer novels, yet they too are between literature's so much respected works and provide keys to knowing the topics in his longer works. Contained during this quantity are the quick tales "White Nights," "A Disgraceful Affair," and "The Dream of the Ridiculous Man," 3 of Dostoevsky's so much troubling, relocating, and poignant works. along A DISGRACEFUL AFFAIR, Harper Perennial will put up the quick fiction of Stephen Crane, Herman Melville, Willa Cather, Leo Tolstoy, and Oscar Wilde to be packaged in a superbly designed, boldly colourful boxset within the target to draw modern lovers of brief fiction to those respected masters of the shape. additionally, in every one of those decisions will seem a narrative from one of many new collections being released in 2009. a narrative from Barb Johnson's impending assortment should be revealed behind this quantity.

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WHITE NIGHTS // 53 But how beautiful people are when they are gay and happy! How brimful of love their hearts are! It is as though they wanted to pour their hearts into the heart of another human being, as though they wanted the whole world to be gay and laugh with them. And how infectious that gaiety is! There was so much joy in her words yesterday, so much goodness in her heart towards me. How sweet she was to me, how hard she tried to be nice to me, how she comforted and soothed my heart!

Why isn’t he you? Why isn’t he like you? ” I said nothing in reply. She seemed to be waiting for me to say something. “Of course it’s probably quite true that I don’t know him very well. No, I don’t understand him very well. You see, I seemed always a little afraid of him. He was always so serious, and I couldn’t help thinking proud as well. I realise of course WHITE NIGHTS // 59 that he merely looked like that. I know there’s more tenderness in his heart than in mine. —I came to him with my bundle.

And I? Why, I was completely taken in. I thought she— But how on earth could I have thought it? How could I have been so blind, when everything had already been taken by another, when nothing belonged to me? Why, even that tenderness of hers, that anxiety, that love—yes, that love for me was nothing more than the outward manifestation of her happiness at the thought of her meeting with someone else, her desire to force her happiness upon me too. When he did not turn up, when we waited in vain, she frowned, she lost heart, she was filled with alarm.

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