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By J. Dane Tyler

A suicide foiled on a dismal bridge over a raging river. A boy's web plagiarism has dire outcomes. a tender woman's try and open a bakery is ruined by means of the invention of an unknown stairwell. a holiday received by way of phoning right into a radio station presents greater than the winner bargained for. some of these and extra lie alongside the wandering course winding earlier an excellent forged of Characters.

Sample a menagerie of individuals, issues, occasions and areas either darkish and light-weight. Wander in hidden recesses of mind's eye and commute with an exceptional solid of Characters, a quick tale assortment by means of writer J. Dane Tyler.

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She scrambled away from the door, from what she was sure would crash through, splinter the door and charge out onto the deck to eviscerate, disembowel, devour. But the door stayed shut. She wanted to hear, to listen for the sound of the knob turning and latches opening, something stealthy turning the handle to spring open the door and crash through the portal, but couldn’t, something made too much noise and she couldn’t hear. It was her. She sobbed, gulped gasping breaths, gulped in salty mist air, she panted and her heart pounded, she muttered prayers and pleas.

At least we know this one’s not sinking. ” She didn’t mask the venom in the last word. Flanagan put his hands on his hips and squared against her. “Look, lady. I’m the skipper on this boat. We got a man alone over there on that ship, and it’s setting sail without us. I have to make a damn decision here and I say we’re going over. That boat’s moving, this one ain’t, and that makes the odds of getting help better over there. Clear enough for ya, Ms. Whitaker? If it ain’t, you and your boyfriend can stay aboard this one, but I’m taking the provisions with us.

That blow went through an’ now they’re dandy again! ” He snapped the crop and the horses jerked forward, trotting fast through the tunnel of trees over the irregular, choppy road surface. Somewhere the sun receded, but I could not see it through the impenetrable fog. The road then slid to a slow rise after the ravine, and it appeared even less used, if possible.

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