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He is characterized, rather than by his actions, primarily by his mode of perception, possessing the ‘common aberration from sound judgment, which apprehends occurrences indeed in their reality, but communicates to them a tincture of its own romantic tone and colouring’ (p. 18). Which is to say that he is an excessively sympathetic spectator of the events that happen around him, and especially of events involving the doomed. When he finds himself in the Highlands, he sees precisely not the social and historical framework that the narrator so apologetically insists that we look through, but rather his own bardic preconceptions: ‘I am actually in the land of military and romantic adventures, and it only remains to be seen what will be my own share in them’ (p.

Which at once impelled me to approach the sufferer and speak to her words of comfort, or rather of pity, and at the same time made me afraid to do so’ (pp. 144–5). The tone of her trip, and of her narrative, is not so much one of Enlightened skepticism (which we might expect from her sneering dismissal of the Highlanders’ belief in the marvelous) but rather one of wistful yearning: At one point, she tells us she travels about ‘Musing, like the Irish lady in the song, “upon things which are long enough a-gone” ’ (p.

Modernity is what ‘improves’ only in such a way, the paragraph suggests, as to disrupt, to destroy, to enslave: modern rivers are no longer ‘free,’ but rather dams and barges have erased the ‘natural’ character that rivers possessed in a feudal, pre-modern system. This properly English past (an ideology rather than a reality, obviously) remains geographically present, itself a kind of benign ghost, marked by ordered freedoms and kempt naturalness. The historical scheme established here is one by which Englishness is itself a historically-bounded characteristic that this beautiful village possesses, but which is visible only now at the moment that such a version of Englishness is under threat.

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