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P. 215,30). Shahdost's 'reading' of John 2: 2 I looks like the shortest possible compression of Origen's exegesis of this text. How then does this' quotation' fit into the whole argument, the background of which we try to unravel below, and which side has provided it? Shahdost himself is not at all above the manufacturing of corrupted quotations. If he is responsible here, he has certainly not drawn from Theodore of Mopsuestia's Commentary on John, for Theodore makes no reference to Origen or his interpretation when commenting on this passage.

In the possession of D. Elia MelIus, as published by I. E. Rahmani, see apparatus ACO == Acta Conciliorum Oecumenicorum, ed. E. Schwartz, Strassburgf Berlin 1914 ff. Braun == O. , Eranistes == Theodoret, Eranistes, PG 83, cols. 28-3 I 7; the Roman numerals designate the dialogues, the quotations are numbered for each dialogue Flor. Greg. Schol. == Florileg mit den Gregor-Scholien, ed. L. Abramowski and A. van Roey, Orientalia Lovaniensia Periodica I, 1970, pp. 131-80 Gelasius == florilegium attached to Gelasius, De duabus naturis, ed.

207-9 (TEXT) The lemma gives only the name of the author, but no indication of the title of his work. It is difficult to say whether X is an excerpt from a greater writing or a short independent tract. The latter is by no means impossible, for X is a brief, self-contained presentation of Babai's christology. It begins with definitions of nature, hypostasis and prosopon (there is some similarity with ch. I in IX). The treatise ends with the condemnation as 'outcasts from the church and deniers of the truth' of those who do not confess two natures, two hypostases and one prosopon.

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