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That's a town roughly ten miles inland from Guaymas on the Gulf of California," said Canguru. " "The man who fronts the Mentex operation is a Dr. Cazedessus. As to the owners, I still have an accountant tracing that down. Let's say the ownership of the Mentex Institute is complicated.

A bright stain that wasn't paint was spreading on the chest of her smock. Conger knelt beside the dying girl. " "You can't," rasped Inza, "you can't . . trust a Chinaman . . I promised to keep quiet . . but . . some bastard from Am . . America is coming . . couldn't trust . . me . " Now there was a pause between each breath in and each breath out "I know . . I know where the Chinaman is going . . I know . " "They . . they don't know I know . . I wasn't there . . when they talked . .

They were talking in Portuguese to a man Conger guessed was a US embassy security android. From here he could see the garden where Canguru lurked. He took a pair of specially tinted glasses from the kit strapped to his side. The little blond spy was supposed to send him periodical flash signals to let him know when and if Machado appeared. As soon as he had the glasses on he saw Canguru's signal light flashing far below. The tiny specks of light spelled out a coded message. Translated it said, "What a nitwit code this is.

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