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By M. Z. Kebbe

First released in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa corporation.

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The matrix and the embedded clauses in 34 and 35 have the same tense (past in 34, and present in 35). On the other hand, the incompatibility of tense in 37 and 37 has led to the deviance of these sentences. In 36, for example, the matrix is marked for the present (imperfective), whereas the embedded clause is marked for the past (perfective). In brief, T-copula deletion does not apply arbitrarily; but the deletion is subject to certain conditions that must be met by the structural description: first, ka:na should have the imperfective form yaku:n; second, it should occupy the initial position in the deep structure(13).

Library of Arabic Linguistics North East Arabian Dialects: Bruce Ingham Transivity, Causation and Passivization: George Nemeh Saad Language and Linguistic Origins in Bahrain: Mehdi Abdalla al-Tajir A Linguistic Study of the Development of Scientific Vocabulary in Standard Arabic: Abdul Sahib Mehdi Ali Language Variation and Change in a Modernising Arab State: Clive Holes Saudi Arabian Dialects: Theodore Prochazka, Jr. From Code Switching to Borrowing: Jeffrey Heath Sibawayh the Phonologist: A. A.

Abdulaziz, University of Nairobi; Yousif El-Khalifa Abu Bakr, Univercsity of Khartoum; Salih J. Altoma, Indiana University; Arne Ambros, University of Vienna; El Said M. Badawi, American University in Cairo; Michael G. Carter, New York University; Ahmad al-Dhubaib, King Saud Univerity (formerly University of Riyadh); Martin Forstner, Gutenberg University at Mainz; Otto Jastrow, University of Heidelberg; Raja T. M. Versteegh, Catholic University at Nijmegen; Bougslaw R. Zagorski, University of Warsaw.

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