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By Garth Nix

The dream international Aenir isn't really a secure place.  One fallacious step can result in possibility, entrapment...or death.  Tal and Milla needs to struggle their method via this moving landscape.  they're looking for the Codex, a mystical item that may come to a decision the destiny in their worlds.  Many creatures stand of their way--from the cloud-flesh typhoon Shepherds to a swarm of venomous Waspwyrms to a frightening determine named Hazror.  Tal and Milla can't go away Aenir with out the Codex.  yet discovering it could endanger them greater than they have ever dreamed...

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An ancient man. And he must have once been a Chosen. But he had left that behind when he came here. Judging from the bones and the Sunstones, he had lured tens if not hundreds of young Chosen to their deaths. Tal felt the disgust rise in him. How could anyone do what this man had done? How could he betray his own people? "You'll suffer," whimpered Hazror. "I'll show you how light can hurt -" Tal didn't listen to him anymore. He let go. The old man, poised on the brink of the stairs, suddenly caught his breath and stopped his threats.

But in the stories the Orskir of Asteyr traveled on ice. What was it doing here in Aenir, on a river, in the possession of a lizard? "Asteyr's ship," croaked Milla. " "Yes, yes," replied Zicka, his purple tongue flickering. "It was Asteyr's ship, in the faraway times. We did her a service, but the ship was given to us later, from the hands of her daughter Danir. " asked Milla, still staring in awe at the ship. " "I cannot say, even to a daughter of Danir," said Zicka. "It is a secret of our folk.

I need to build up. " Milla didn't answer. She was thirsty, and hungry. But she had practiced suppressing hunger pangs and water cravings almost all her life. It was a pity she had been forced to throw all the small Nanuch away. She could have eaten one raw, or tried once more to get heat from her Sunstone to cook it. "I'll take the first watch," Milla announced. " Odris looked at the sun. It was still some way from setting. "But I'm not sleepy," the Storm Shepherd said. "We don't usually sleep very much.

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