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Halfway back to Nairobi, they came to a small lake. A floatplane company there specialized in flying tourists to various locations. All the Barclays had done a fair amount of flying, of course. But a trip in a pontoon plane sounded very exciting. After saying goodbye to Eric, the family boarded the small six-passenger plane. On the two-hour trip south, they’d be flying just a few thousand feet over the African jungle. “This will be a completely different experience than our ride through the Serengeti,” Paul said.

Then she asked them to put their film inside. “When we get the developed pictures back,” she said, “we’ll each select five of our very best shots to enter in the contest. “And here’s something special I haven’t told you yet,” she continued. “Do you remember Ruth and Chandler Davis? They own the Rockdale Photography Shop. I’ve asked them to judge the pictures. They’ve promised to enter the winner in several 58 Chapter • 10 national contests. ” Pam was thrilled. “Wow, that’s great news, Mom! ” she cried out.

Of course, we’ll spend some time on the great Zambezi. ” “Whatever you say, Samuel,” Paul answered. ” 38 Chapter • 6 Two 17-foot canoes were loaded into the back of a truck. Some box lunches and other gear were added to the load. Then they took off down the bumpy road. As he drove, Samuel told them what to expect. “The Tutsi River flows into the Zambezi five miles upstream from here. About 20 miles up the Tutsi there’s a waterfall. We’ll put the canoes in just below the falls. ” “That sounds like a long trip.

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