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By Silvia Anne Sheafer

A chain that examines the lives of people that have had a huge influence at the background or present perform of faith. This quantity follows the lifetime of Aimee Semple McPherson, famed for her tent revivals in the USA.

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The oldest dozen people over the ages of eighty and ninety were called to the platform. Hymns that had been popular fifty to sixty years ago were then sung. At the services for children, there was a chorus of singing young people dressed in white. The orchestra was composed of children, and the solos and quartets were performed by young people. Aimee’s sermon was directed to the youth and she followed with an altar call. Afterward, children received Bibles and gifts of clothing, food, or toys, depending on their economic need.

The sounds of preaching and the joyous music could be heard for blocks. Months before the opening of her Oakland campaign, a local committee began to make plans. By the final meeting, 500 to 600 volunteers were ready to serve. Several thousand dollars were pledged—about half of the total campaign expenses. Flyers and newspaper advertising preceded Aimee’s arrival. On the morning of the event, she arrived by train. A large crowd greeted her with bouquets of flowers and hearty cheers. Cameras flashed as newspaper reporters and photographers captured the action.

Additional brackets were welded to the fenders to 41 42 AIMEE SEMPLE MCPHERSON support folding cots and a tent for the children. Minnie Kennedy and the children sat in the backseat. Aimee drove, while Sister Louise navigated. Traveling at twenty-five miles an hour, they started at sunrise and drove late into the evening. At night, the front seat was folded back and a canvas blanket draped over the car. They camped by the side of the road, unless they were invited to stay in private residences. Along the way, Sister Aimee would stop and hand out literature and The Bridal Call.

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