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By Darrell Bain

Whilst a laboratory technician at the verge of retirement by chance infects himself with blood from an emergency room sufferer, he intends to file it--until executive brokers swarm the sanatorium, confiscating each pattern of blood taken from the patient--at gunpoint. figuring out to not document the incident simply but for worry of being thrown into an isolation chamber, he is going home--and falls violently in poor health. by the point he recovers and returns to paintings, frightening issues are taking place.

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Hardly a bit of sag now, and they were beginning to droop, partly from simply aging I guess, but also from the Lupus. There’s more too. Systemic Lupus does horrible things to you that aren’t usually obvious to anyone else, but a person with the disease knows. My joints and internal organs were in bad shape, or so I was told last time I was examined and I’m sure it was true. Some days I could barely get around without pain pills. I guess it could be just a surface phenomena but I feel different inside, like I’m—younger and healthier I guess.

Off to the side I could see the two others who had come into the house with him. They were both dead from head shots. I figured Mona must have fired for the chest with her first shot and hit this one’s hands as he was holding his gun in front of him, crippling and numbing both of them, then realized instantly that they were wearing armor and shot for the head. I noticed then that it wasn’t a chest wound he was bleeding from, but a bloody scalp. Mona’s aim had been a bit off, but not by much. The only way I could figure that she got all three of them was either total surprise from them not expecting her to be armed or perhaps not being trained really well.

It wasn’t much and I didn’t think of it again until much later. At the moment, all I could keep my mind on was how to get a long way from the area without getting caught, and in the meantime figure out some way to have Mona’s wound cared for without alerting the law. I wasn’t encouraged by the prospect of either action succeeding, but what I did was head back toward Dallas. I figured that if a chase got organized, there would be road blocks up on all the roads and highways leading away from the city.

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