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By Ferial Jabouri Ghazoul

This factor is dedicated to exploring artistic texts by means of authors from the Arab international, together with KarimAlrawi, Edward acknowledged, Rafik Schami, and Ahdaf Soueif, who write in Dutch, English, French, German, and Hebrew.

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This strategy, however, unwittingly helped to keep intact both the languages and cultures of the two main native groups in the territory, the Arabs and the Berbers. So Morocco emerged from its colonial period still mainly Arabic-and-Berberspeaking, with a newly-grafted Francophone element among the elite. But it was hoped that, through the Arabisation programmes introduced after Independence in 1956, French would die out and that a modernised form of Arabic would become the foundation stone of a Moroccan national literature.

10 Sur 'A'isha Taymur, cf. J. T. Zeidan, Arab Women Novelists, The Formative Years and Beyond (Albany: Suny Press, 1995) pp. 59-63. 11 A. K. El Janabi, note 1 p. 233, in Ahmed Rassim, Chez le marchand de muse (Paris: Clancier-Guenaud, 1988). 12 Notamment dans Harem (Paris: Gallimard, 1937), Zanouba (Paris, Gallimard, 1950) et Ramza (Paris: Gallimard, 1958), trois de ses six romans. 13 Le Caire: Dar al-Hilal, 1999. 14 Ses notes de lecture de 1'epoque sont reunies dans Fusul fi l-adab wa-l-naqd [Sur la litterature et la critique] (Le Caire: Dar al-Ma'arif, 1945).

15. 28 G. Henein, "L'apport d'Albert Cossery," in Les cahiers de Chabramant n° 3-4 (ete 1986): p. 137 (reedition d'un article paru en 1956). 2^ La maison de la mort certaine, respectivement pp. 12, 19 et 37. 30 Son oeuvre, qui jouit d'une certaine notoriete (ses romans sont regulierement reedites en France, y compris dans des collections de poche, et certains, notamment Mendiants et orgueilleux, ont ete traduits dans les principales langues europeennes) et a re9u des honneurs tardifs et empreints de neocolonialisme (le grand prix de la francophonie que lui a decerne 1'Academic fran9aise en 1990), a peu interesse la critique francaise et a ete beaucoup moins commentee que celle de Jabes, voire celle d'Andree Chedid.

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