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SUNSET BOULEVARD -- NIGHT 37 Neil Young and Crazy Horse's "Cinnamon Girl" ricochets across the Strip. It's blasting from cars tuned into KMET. Penny now wears her green faux-fur trimmed coat. She grabs William's hand, steadying her hat at the same time. They dart across the busy street. She stumbles a little on her platforms. He steadies his taller date. They are a good team as they pass one of several humming tour busses parked out front. 38 INT. HYATT HOUSE LOBBY -- NIGHT Penny blasts into the Continental Hyatt House, William on her arm.

He cracks himself up, silently. stride. " Your mind is Starting to take effect. They're all here to see you swallow fire. You scream soundlessly... on the Night Circus. It's Quince, with Stillwater. "Love Thing" takes over, as Quince swivels in the chair. QUINCE (cont'd) I thought that went well. 66 INT. RENTAL CAR -- NIGHT 66 Adrenalized laughter. The whole band is crammed into a mediumsized rental car. Penny half on William's lap, half on Russell's. RUSSELL (to William) See, this is what nobody writes about!

INTERCUT: INT. WILLIAM'S HOUSE -- NIGHT It's Mom on the phone. com Almost Famous ELAINE (measured, very proper) May I speak with William please? ESTRELLA (cheerfully) He's not here. I think he's in the bar with the Band. They just got back from the radio station. Is this Maryann with the pot? Silence. ESTRELLA (cont'd) Hello? ELAINE No this isn't Maryann with the pot. This is Elaine... his Mother. Estrella physically recoils. ESTRELLA (cringing) I thought you were English. ELAINE Could you please give him a message?

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