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In colonial Massachusetts, in simple terms males should be preachers. Anne Hutchinson angered church leaders by means of preaching approximately God in the course of conferences in her domestic. The church leaders positioned Anne on trial for her religious teachings.

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38 This illustration shows Rhode Island as it appeared in 1638, the year Anne and her family moved there. Anne still attracted followers and held meetings in Rhode Island. She taught both men and women. Once, an earthquake struck during a prayer meeting. She announced the Holy Spirit was coming down on them. She felt this was a special message from God. She wrote to the Boston church and told them she had been given a message that they would be destroyed. 39 Anne’s husband died in 1642. At the same time, Anne feared that Massachusetts would take over the Rhode Island colony.

Surprise attacks from both sides were common. In late summer 1643, a group of Native Americans called the Siwanoy stormed toward Anne’s settlement. Most settlers fled to the Dutch military fort. But Anne, her family, and her followers stayed on their land. The Siwanoy warriors attacked. They killed Anne and six of her children. One young Hutchinson daughter lived. She was captured and stayed with the Siwanoy for several years before being let go. 42 Anne Hutchinson led a full life as “wife, mother, midwife, .

She was also accused of lying. They ordered her to leave the colony by the end of March. Anne, her husband, and their younger children went to Rhode Island. They set up the town of Portsmouth with other people who had left Massachusetts for religious reasons. That summer, Anne’s sixteenth pregnancy ended sadly. The baby did not live. Many people thought this was a punishment for Anne’s sins. This Puritan family was banished from Massachusetts. Anne and her family had to leave their home too. 38 This illustration shows Rhode Island as it appeared in 1638, the year Anne and her family moved there.

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