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Thus we have to 48 Automation and Robotics [ compute a principal point offset C 0 x C0 y ] T from the sensor center, and extend the camera matrix by this parameter so that the projected point can be correctly determined in the Sensor CS (shifted parallel to the Camera CS). Consequently, we have the following mapping: [x C y C z ] C T ⎡ xC → ⎢ f C C + C Ox ⎣ z ⎤ xC f C C + C Oy ⎥ z ⎦ T Introducing this parameter to the camera matrix results in ⎡ fC K = ⎢⎢ 0 ⎢⎣ 0 0 fC 0 C Ox C Oy 1 ⎤ ⎥ ⎥ ⎥⎦ As CCD cameras are never perfect, it is most likely that CCD chips have pixels, which are not of the shape of a square.

1 Experimental setup and performance criteria For control purposes the concept of skill primitives is used. The main idea consists of specifying a task and a terminating condition that lead to execution of next skill primitive. We here use the position accuracy ε pos as terminating condition for each axis separately. Workspace of the parallel robot FIVEBAR is illustrated in fig 13. A common trajectory for all setups is used to guarantee comparable results. The selected path covers the workspace almost completely, including positions close to singularities.

10. Besides stability, dynamic behavior of the control structure is important. It is analyzed by the root locus of the system. Eq. (28) shows the general structure of denominator. The pole placement is independent of Tv and scaled by the delay Tel . Thus, the location of the poles with respect to the parameters kTel and kTv is examined in a normalized diagram. The results are shown in fig 8. 5 0 Fig. 8: Map of poles. Left: Mass is varied, right: Variation of delay. Green indicates that the real value is larger then that used for controller design.

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