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Reading the newspaper also jogged his memory about coupon books, ration cards, and life in World War II. 41 Many of Avi’s books, in addition to showing strong girl characters, show parents who are distant and who do not communicate well with their children. Avi’s own relationship with his parents continued to be distant and reflected their lack of understanding of his devotion to writing. ” She meant that writing was a good backup, or second career, in case Avi ever lost his job as a librarian.

Or could it be that they felt compelled to soften the moments of brutality that evoked life on the old sailing ships? Might it be that they wished to modify the vicious cruelty of . . Captain Jaggery? ” I said, truly surprised. ” “Exactly. ” It was one of those rare moments when I was truly speechless. ” she cried. B. White, Avi demonstrated that the producer had failed to grasp the ideas in either White’s book or his own.

Instead of staying in her parent’s home, where she was forced to adopt the stifling class and gender restrictions she had rebelled against, Charlotte chooses to run away to the place where she had known true freedom. 49 Charlotte’s choice would seem, in an era of positive role models for girls and of independent thought for women, 63 64 AVI to be an uplifting, positive choice. Not always so, as Avi reported in his acceptance speech for the Boston GlobeHorn Book Award. A producer wanted to make a movie out of the book.

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