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Книга B-17 Flying fort. half three: extra Derivatives. B-17 Flying fort. half three: extra Derivatives. Книги Вооружение Автор: Alwyn T. Lloyd Год издания: 1986 Формат: pdf Издат.:Arms & Armour Страниц: seventy six Размер: 53.87 ISBN: 0853686556 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Detail & Scale №20

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This is a single frame taken from a movie camera at great distance, and it shows the last B-17 operated by the Air Force being used as a drone target for a Boeing Bomarc surface-to-air missile. A split second after this photo was taken, the missile destroyed the B-17, and the Air Force would never again operate a Flying Fortress. The event was significant to Boeing in that Boeing built both the B-17 and the Bomarc missile. (Boeing SA 14208) 37 This borate bomber, N66573, was B-17G-85-DL, sin 44-83585.

In addition to this TB-17, a pair of P-47s and a C-82 (J. Vollemeck) are visible. The B-17 was still armed. Left: An All Weather Flying Center TB-17G undergoing engine maintenance. (J. Vollemeck) Below: The nose markings cut through the crew entry hatch on this All Weather Flying Center B-17. (J. Vollemeck) 34 CLANDESTINE OPERATIONS Above: TB-17G-95-VE, sin 44-85531, at Clark AB in October 1957. This ship was used for clandestine operations. (Picciani Aircraft Slides) Right: This close-up of 44-85531 reveals the additional antennas on the nose and the exhaust suppressors.

SCR-522 VHF radio with the controls in the cockpit SCR-718A radio altimeter with its indicator and controls in the navigator's compartment ANIAPN-1 low altitude rad io alti meter with ID14/ APN-1 indicator, altitude limit indicator lights, and altitude limit switch in the cockpit AN/ART-13 radio complete with low frequency components, and operator's spare part kit in the radio compartment Two BC-348 radio receivers in the radio compartment Very (flare) pistol and cartridges B-3 driftmeter in the navigator's compartment Gyro fluxgate compass with the master indicator located in the navigator's compartment and remote indicator located in the cockpit Supercharger electronic control system ML-313/AM aircraft psychrometer in the navigator's compartment ANIAMQ-3 aerograph in the navigator's compartment In addition, the aircraft were winterized.

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