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Barbara Park created some of the most well known and loved characters in modern kid's books--Junie B. Jones.

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It was the “voice of authority” coming from the main office. The voice kept paging the classroom teacher, again and again. ” WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? ” shouted the voice in the box. After this, there followed a series of questions and answers between the class and the box, determining the whereabouts of the teacher. The conversation ended with the box saying, “Well, you’re being far too loud. ”19 Barbara, somewhat shamefacedly, remembered: Okay. One would think at this point I would have spoken up and identified myself.

Rather than chase Richard all over the country, Barbara and Richard decided that she would divide her time between his family and hers until they were able to settle down in one place. For the first year of their marriage, Barbara split her time between her family in New Jersey, and his family in Alabama. She did fly to see him whenever his schedule and their finances allowed, and he visited her from time to time as well. By the time Richard was sent to flight school in Arizona, Barbara was pregnant.

D. Salinger, the authors who influenced her the most, Barbara handles her characters with a BECOMING combination of humor, realism, and understanding. Children can relate to the characters in her books because she has never forgotten what it was like to be a child. ”29 Barbara is modest about this talent: I’m not trying to get into the head of a chicken . . or speak convincingly in the voice of a seal. I can write like a child because I was a child. And it’s not a matter of trying to remember every single thing I ever felt or thought as a child.

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