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By Darshan Singh Sarai

Water and wastewater operators want an realizing of chemistry to correctly perform the chemical stages of therapy, together with coagulation, sedimentation, softening, and disinfection.

Knowledge of uncomplicated chemistry can be required to cross operator certification examinations. Operators gets the learning they want during this chemistry primer adapted only for operators of ingesting water or wastewater structures

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Mathematically, pH = –log [H3O+]. 0000001) mol of hydronium ions per litre. H3O+ + OH– H2O + H2O Therefore, its pH is 7. Hydroxide ion (OH–) concentration is also 10–7 mol/L at the same time. Thus, pH 7 indicates a neutral solution. Water and most of the diluted solutions in a laboratory at 25°C have [H3O+] × [OH–] = 10–14 mol2/L2. It is derived by substituting 10–7 mol/L for each of the H3O+ and OH– ions. 10–7mol/L × 10–7mol/L = 10–14 mol2/L2, which is known as Kw, the water constant.

Chemical Formulae A chemical formula is a shorthand notation using chemical symbols and numerical subscripts to represent the chemical composition of a compound. The subscript indicates the number of combined atoms of its respective element. book Page 32 Monday, February 18, 2002 5:03 PM Basic Chemistry for Water and Wastewater Operators Empirical Formula Molecular Formula Structural Formula Water H2O H2O H–O–H Ammonia NH3 NH3 H–N–H Compound H Hydrogen peroxide HO H2O2 Methane CH4 CH4 H–O–O–H H H–C–H H Table 4-4 Examples of Formulae empirical, molecular, and structural.

Silver 4. What is the difference between atomic number and atomic weight? 5. Fill in the blanks: Element Atomic Mass Protons Number Number Electrons Neutrons Carbon ____ 6 ____ ____ 6 Oxygen ____ 8 17 ____ ____ Chlorine 17 ____ 35 ____ ____ 6. a. How many carbon atoms are in exactly 12 g of carbon-12? b. What is the name for this number? c. What is the term for the amount of a substance containing this number of particles? 7. a. How many shells are in elements in period 6? b. How many electrons are in the outermost shell of elements in group VA?

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