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By Jon Evans

A violent, epic, action-packed city quest choked with very eccentric, usually hilarious, tremendous risky characters who additionally take place to be animals -- the natural world of latest York urban, to be exact.

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Oh, I would love a nice fresh maple bud right now. I love nuts, you know I love nuts, but it's been only nuts all winter, I'd love a maple bud. Or a fresh grub, oh, a nice juicy grub. Or best of all, a tulip bulb, imagine, Patch, tulips! I just can't wait for spring. What kind of food did you find, Patch? Was it good? " Patch had to interrupt. It was difficult to get Twitch to stop talking about food once he had started. " Sniffer and Twitch stared at him. "He was eaten by rats," Patch said. "And a squirrel named Redeye.

Patch sniffed the air. Beneath the thick acrid fumes of the death machines and the alien scent of humanity, he smelled danger. He smelled dogs. Upwind, to the north, across the narrow wasteland, three large dogs leashed to an old human were approaching. Patch hoped the wasteland would forestall them - but as he watched, the dogs began to cross. And then the lead dog saw Patch, and its eyes lit up like flames. " it howled ecstatically. " The other dogs joined in. "Kill you and eat you! Kill you and eat you!

The bluejay considered, while he finished eating half of the acorn. And then, rather incredibly, he let the other half drop to the ground. "To tell you the truth I wasn't very hungry," he said. "I just enjoy taking acorns from squirrels. I didn't know you spoke Bird. " Patch didn't know what to say. He had never been introduced to a bluejay before. Like all squirrels he thought of bluejays, the Center Kingdom's most prolific eaters of nuts, as dire enemies. Patch looked around to see if any other squirrels saw him talking to a bluejay.

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