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The Williard brothers are uninterested in the sedentary existence. whilst one in all them falls inheritor to evidence of Bigfoot--or in all probability an alien--various govt firms all started chasing them and their girlfriends, hoping to get well alien know-how, if that is what it's. Deep within the wildest a part of The Brooks Mountain variety in Alaska, the chase involves a head, with the CIA, Russians, NSA and Mafia all vying with the Williard brothers and an Eskimo lady to win the prize.

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I'll see that you get one Monday morning for sure," Williard said, grinning. " Tina asked. She avoided looking at the bloody mess Tiger had made of the Russian. " Jason said. "And while we're at it, we'll spend a little time converting those civilian M-16's so they'll fire on full automatic. " ***** Sculpter and Peppard, the CIA agents, were good at their job. "Jason Williard. That name keeps popping up in Melhine's papers," Sculpter said. He put down the folders he had been scrutinizing and rubbed his eyes.

Williard felt a rising sensation in his groin. He had been without for several days and Peggy, the nurse, had had the hots for him for a long time. "Come on in and join the party," he said. "This is Peggy, everyone. " Peggy exclaimed. She drained the rest of the glass of rum mix. "Don't worry, they were legal, at least when we bought them," Jerry said. " "All right, I-- Good God! " Peggy had just spotted Borsky, still tied to his chair, but using his free hand to fill his shot glass again. "Goddamn, let's stop all this cussing," Jason said.

His other one held a glass of some sort of rum potion Jerry had mixed up. " Trisha said. She twisted her head away from the pistol. "Don't be scared," Jason told her. "Hell, come to think of it, we better get you equipped with a weapon of some kind. " "I don't like guns at all," Trisha said. She tried to scuttle away from Jason on the couch but the sight on the end of the pistol barrel snagged her blouse, popping the top two buttons and exposing the cups of her bra. "The hell you say. " He slid the pistol into her bra and released his grip on it.

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