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Ginger tried another angle. " "None whatever," answered Biggles, without looking up. " "He's had something on his mind for a week," put in Algy. "I've met him two or three times and he couldn't even say good morning. " "There have been a lot of people in and out of his office," volunteered Bertie. " Biggles closed his magazine, tossed it on the desk and looked at his watch. "Well, I fancy we shall soon know what it's all about," he averred. " My orders were to report to the conference-room at eleven o'clock.

The position was a delicate one. It wouldn't do to make a mistake. We dare not, without definite proof of what we suspected, impair our relations with other countries—but you will have grasped the significance of the diplomatic angle. Our first steps, therefore, were directed to find out who was behind the thing. It might have been the work of a crank, or a foreign country that was anxious to retard our atomic development. Well, this is what we did. One of our men here, a smart young sergeant of the new school named Tom Gale, was selected for an experiment.

For the rest, Biggles, somewhat reluctantly, had accepted Mayne's advice in the matter of disguises. Being forced to operate on foot between their base and the enemy camp, in European clothes they would be conspicuous objects should they be seen, Mayne had argued. Whereas, dressed in the manner of Koreans, they would attract little, if any attention, even if their presence was reported. The country might be depopulated on account of the slave raiders, but there was always a chance that they might be seen by the raiders themselves, stated Mayne.

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