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His work has led to improvements in the understanding of diabetes, high blood pressure, the formation of blood clots, and the characteristics of cancer cells. Robert Langer (1948–) developed polymeric drug delivery materials and devices to control the amount of medicine present in a patient’s system. Robert W.  This electromechanical arm is powered by signals from the remaining muscles. Gail K.  This technology helps patients with heart disease, cancer, and many other illnesses heal in more effective, less painful ways.

The new skin is grown on a small scaffold with starter cells from the patients themselves. 21St Century SKillS liBrary Cool SCienCe CareerS bioengineer glossary aerodynamics (air-oh-dy-NAM-iks) the branch of science that deals with the movement of objects through air and other gases biomechanics (by-oh-muh-KAN-iks) the study of the mechanical nature of biological activities such as the beating of the heart and movement of fluids cardiologist (kar-dee-AH-luh-jist) a doctor who specializes in treating patients with heart disease consequences (KON-suh-kwen-sez) outcomes or results diagnose (DY-uhg-nohss) to decide what disease is present based on the symptoms experienced dialysis (dy-AL-uh-sis) the process by which impurities in the blood are removed electromechanical (ih-LEK-tro-muh-KAN-ih-kuhl) having mechanical, or moving, parts that are run by electricity implanted (im-PLAN-ted) inserted inside the human body oximetry (ahk-SIM-ih-tree) the measurement of how much oxygen is in the blood principles (PRIN-suh-puhlz) basic, general laws or truths scaffold (SKAF-uhld) a framework upon which biological tissues can grow shock (SHAHK) a medical emergency that is common after a severe injury in which there is a sudden decrease in blood flow through the body trauma (TRAW-muh) a severe injury for more informaTion BOOKS Gray, Susan H.

Bioengineering is an exciting field. Bioengineers are creative, clever people who are fascinated with science and who love to solve problems. They are remarkable men and women who use their skills and talents to improve people’s lives. What exciting discoveries will bioengineers make next?  It has led to a significant drop in deaths during surgery. Y. C.  His work has led to improvements in the understanding of diabetes, high blood pressure, the formation of blood clots, and the characteristics of cancer cells.

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