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By Krupakar

Trans. by means of S.R. Ramakrishna

In a comic book case of flawed id, natural world photographers Krupakar and Senani have been abducted one evening from their domestic on the fringe of the Bandipur nationwide Park by way of Veerappan, India’s ‘most dreaded bandit’. He concept they have been vital executive officers, and his plan used to be to carry them hostage in go back for clemency and a considerable ransom. The bandit and his gang saved the hostages at the circulate within the woodland, and their merely touch with the surface international used to be through an outdated transistor radio. whereas Veerappan,who had already killed a few 250 humans, formulated recommendations to strength the govt to conform to his calls for, his hostages not just bought a detailed examine the plant and animal range within the forests of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, however the intimacy in their lifestyles at the run gave them an perception into Veerappan’s unusual mixture of cruelty and humanity. even though Krupakar and Senani got here from an international that was once different from that of Veerappan’s gang, the abducted and the abductors grew to become heavily serious about each one other’s matters. Birds, Beasts and Bandits are a witty and poignant account of a unprecedented experience with the infamous poacher and his partners.

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