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By William R Sanford

Angry mobs had compelled Brigham younger and his fellow Mormons out of Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois. As chief of the Mormon Church, younger wanted a secure position for his fans to stay and worship freely. So with greater than 5,000 Mormon settlers, younger crossed prairies, climbed mountains, and overcame hassle to arrive his Promised Land—an unsettled zone close to the nice Salt Lake of Utah. also known as the "American Moses," authors William R. Sanford and Carl R. eco-friendly discover the superb lifetime of this nice pioneer.

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Public pressure forced the state to cancel Nauvoo’s city charter. For months, the city limped along without a legal government. With no police to keep order, Brigham buckled on a pair of six-shooters. He also took command of the Nauvoo Legion. ” Clearly, the Mormons’ days in Nauvoo were numbered. Brigham looked westward for a safe haven. He turned down Texas, Oregon, California, and Canada. Then he heard of the Great Salt Lake, which lay in a largely empty region called the Great Basin. With no other settlers nearby, the Mormons would be free to build their Promised Land.

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As he aged, Brigham was hobbled by rheumatism. In winter, he fled the chill of Salt Lake City for the milder climate of southern Utah. A case of mumps sent him to bed in 1870. An enlarged prostate caused him more misery. Brigham sometimes said he looked forward to being reborn. In heaven, he joked, he would have new teeth and perfect eyesight. The end came suddenly. On August 23, 1878, he fell ill with violent cramps. Doctors told him he had a form of cholera. Modern doctors believe that his appendix had burst.

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