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Книга British Tank Markings and Names British Tank Markings and Names Книги Вооружение Автор: B. T. White Год издания: 1978 Формат: pdf Издат.:Squadron/Signal guides Страниц: 88 Размер: 33.41 ISBN: 089747080X Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Squadron Specials sequence 6021.This accomplished quantity by means of B. T. White discusses the markings and camouflage of British tanks and AFVs from 1914 to 1945. utilizing eight pages of colour illustrations and various photos, B. T. White has documented this universal yet particularly little-known point of British armou markings. every kind of tanks, armored autos and different AFV's are incorporated in thorough assurance of this topic.

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24in) ARS-57 Skvorets (Starling; pronounced skvorets) folding-fin aircraft rockets. The pods were carried on 04-50 shackles at the standard drop tank attachment points. The aircraft received the designation 'izdeliye SO-57' (ie, izdeliye SO armed with 57mm rockets). The programme was undertaken under contract with OKB-16, a weapons design bureau. The ARS-57 FFAR (also designated S-5) was widely used on later Soviet tactical aircraft. MiG-15bis (izdeliye 50-5) development aircraft In November 1952 another MiG-15bis was converted at plant No 21 in Gor'kiy.

Meanwhile, A B Slepooshkin continued refining his radar. An improved Toriy-A prototype was built, which later evolved into the Korshoon (Kite, a bird of prey) airborne radar. Both were flight-tested on the 1-320 and SP-2 (the latter was a follow-on to the SP-1 , a similarly converted MiG-17F). Neither model entered production and went into service because Soviet electronic components were, putting it mildly, less than state-of-the-art and the radars worked unsatisfactorily. After Stalin's death and normalization in the country, advanced technologies began developing rapidly, enabling the USSR to compete with the West in the race for technological superiority.

The aircraft featured a special AP-21 sight based on the standard ASP-3NM. Accurate sighting range was 400 to 800m (1,312 to 2,624ft) for the rockets and 180 to 800m (590 to 2,624ft) for the standard cannons. However, the sight did not enable simultaneous. cannon fire and rocket launch, which meant one of two sighting modes (cannons or rockets) had to be selected before commencing an attack. The maximum payload comprised two rockets and two 300 litre (66 Imperial gallon) slipper tanks; the latter had to be jettisoned before the rockets were fired.

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