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Connect one of the outer pins to the Arduino 5V pin. 3. Connect the other (remaining) outer pin to the Arduino GND. 44 Chapter 2 ■ Arduino, Ethernet, and WiFi Figure 2-22. Analog read circuit 4. Now open the sample sketch by choosing File ➤ Examples ➤ Basics ➤ AnalogReadSerial. The sample sketch will open in a new window. Verify the sketch and upload it to the Arduino board. Follow the analog read serial example shown in Listing 2-4. Listing 2-4. println(sensorValue); delay(1); // delay in between reads for stability } 5.

In next chapter, you will learn about some industrial PLCs built with Arduino as the core hardware. 55 CHAPTER 3 Arduino at Heart A simple bottle filling process control system is a good example to understand the fundamentals of PLCs. An assembly line consists of a conveyor belt that’s connected to a motor drive, nozzle, and a filling stroke. The conveyer belt moves to one direction with empty bottles on it and the presence of a bottle is captured by a sensor at the point of the nozzle. It stops the conveyor belt, starts the liquid pump to fill the bottle, detects the liquid level of the bottle by another sensor, stops the liquid pump, and starts the conveyor belt again.

Add the proper category to the library file Now try to verify the sketch again. You'll notice that the warning about the missing category is now resolved. 6. Click the Upload button to upload the sketch to the Arduino board. This will take a few seconds to complete the process. 7. Now open the Serial Monitor by choosing Tools ➤ Serial Monitor (Ctrl+Shift+M). You'll see the following output on the Serial Monitor. com for the search query arduino (Figure 2-26). 51 Chapter 2 ■ Arduino, Ethernet, and WiFi Figure 2-26.

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