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John Ravenhill : Sailmaker : Died : 27 January, 1771. , Carpenter, 14 February, 1771. , Boatswain's Mate, 26 November, 1769. Robt. , Quarter Master, 16 September, 1768. , Quarter Master, 6 February, 1771. Robert Taylor : Armourer : Died : 1 August, 1771. Rich. , Boatswain's Mate, 1 September, 1769. , Cook, 1 February, 1771. B. : Drowned : 2 December, 1768. B. : Died : 24 December, 1770. B. SKETCH OF CAPTAIN COOK'S LIFE. B. B. : Died : 1 February, 1771. Sam Jones. B. B. : Died : 31 January, 1771.

Wind North by West, North−West, West by South; course South 21 degrees East; distance 23 miles; latitude 49 degrees 30 minutes North, longitude 5 degrees 52 minutes West; at noon, Lizard North 21 degrees West distant 23 miles. Saturday, 27th. First part Light Airs and Clear weather, remainder fresh breezes and Cloudy. Berthed the Ship's Company, Mustered the Chests and Stove all that were unnecessary. Wind North−West, North−East, South−East; course South−West; distance 77 miles; latitude 48 degrees 42 minutes North, longitude 6 degrees 49 minutes West; at noon, Lizard North 29 degrees East, 80 miles.

November 1768. ] Tuesday, November 1st. Moderate breezes, for the most part Cloudy. Variation by the mean of Several Azimuths 0 degrees 58 minutes West in the Evening, and in the Morning found it to be 0 degrees 18 minutes West. Wind East−South−East; course South 3/4 West; distance 98 miles; latitude 10 degrees 38 minutes South. Wednesday, 2nd. A Steady breeze and fine pleasant weather. This Afternoon, by the mean of Several Azimuths and the Amplitude, found the Variation to be 0 degrees 34 minutes East, from which it appears that about the aforegoing Noon we have Crossed the Line of no Variation in the Latitude of 10 degrees 38 minutes South, and, according to the following Observations, in 32 degrees 0 minutes West longitude from Greenwich.

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