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By A. Watanabe

This e-book is an greatly revised model of the middle a part of my 1993 MIT doctoral dissertation, which seeks to supply a Minimalist thought of Case absorption and help it via empirical research. The valuable inspiration pursued is that impoverishment of word constitution is chargeable for Case absorption and that the suitable idea of Case checking may still derive this estate. even if the fundamental line of analysis on Case absorption and wh-agreement is still an identical, this ebook contains a lot of recent effects. A principied idea of Case checking and Case absorption has been labored out in bankruptcy 1. remedy of participial structures in bankruptcy three and wh­ contract in bankruptcy four is much extra systematic and entire. bankruptcy 2 can also be streamlined, including refinements of the research of Romanian. The product, i am hoping, is a extra convincing def ense of the power of the Mi ni mal ist technique. i want to thank my thesis committee participants Ken Haie, Noam Chomsky, and Howard Lasnik, lower than whose assistance this undertaking started.

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31b) within the LOB framework. 31b) is ruled out because there is a complementizer, which blocks proper govemment of the subject trace. 31a), however, remains problematic for the LOB type Case theory. Since the cornplernent clause is finite, the subject position of the embedded clause must be assigned Case under the standard assumptions of the LOB type Case theory. 32). 32) S-a nirnerit [sa fie tOJi doctorii refl-have-3sg happened Sbj-prt be-3 all doctors-the deacord] of agreement If that is the case, then NP movement from the embedded subject to the matrix subject position would result in an A-chain containing two Casemarked positions, which should be impossible under the theory where NP movement is triggered as a last resort to get Case, as in Chomsky CHAPTER2 42 (1986a).

44c). 44c l ) is also problematic, for a different reason. This movement crosses over the objectin Spec of Agr-oP.

Also Deprez (1989) and Vikner (1990). 8 See Branigan (1992), Bures (1993), and Jonas and Bobaljik (1993) for detailed discussions on this point. 3. 9 This may also be blocked by the last resort nature of NP movement. Once the object lands in Spec of Agr-oP, it cannot move further because it can satisfy its Case feature there. 10 In this sense, our results argue against Koizumi's (1993, 1995) proposal about the clause structure, where the object checks Accusative Case below the original position of the subject.

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