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By Louis L'Amour

Ben Cowan and Bijah Catlow were sure as pals seeing that formative years. by the point they grew to manhood, Catlow had turn into a best cowhand with a wild streak. It took only one disastrous war of words with a band of grasping ranchers to make him an outlaw. And while he crossed that line, it used to be as much as U.S. Marshal Ben Cowan to convey him in alive--if purely Catlow could supply him the chance....

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Were they waiting for him? Had the other man gone around the building to take him from behind? He hesitated a moment only, then turned on his heel and walked back to the saloon called the Hanging Wall, and went inside. Several men loafed at the bar in desultory conversation, and there were three or four more around a table where a tired card game continued. One of these men looked around as he entered. It was Rio Bray. Ben Cowan ordered a beer and waited. A moment passed, and then the door was pushed open and Miller came in.

I-" She glanced from him to the window, then abruptly walked on. He was about to speak, but held his tongue. He remained there, staring after her. She was lovely, undeniably lovely ... she was also very definitely a girl who knew her own mind. After a moment of consideration, Ben decided that she was not overmatched in coping with Bijah, for Bijah was basically a gentleman. Miller was another item, another item entirely. Annoyed with himself, Ben started for the Quartz Rock. He felt a fool, being caught eavesdropping by such a girl, and he had stared at her like a damned fool.

It might be that he was embarrassed to speak of such a thing. "Without duty, life don't make any kind of sense, ma'am. If folks are going to live together they have to abide by some kind of rules, and the law is those rules. The law doesn't work against a man, it works for him. Without it, every house would have to be a fortress, and no man or woman would be safe. First time two men got together I expect they started to make laws for living together. " He smiled. " He looked down at her. "Living on a ranch mightn't be as bad as you think," he said.

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