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Their war- tents stretched on the shore. We awaited decision. ' So he took leave of Noritsune and led a party against the shore, and all the men of Genji rushed on them. ' His armour caught every turn of the sun. He drove them four ways before them. KAGEKIYO (excited and crying out) Samoshiya! Run, cowards! CHORUS He thought, how easy this killing. He rushed with his spear-haft gripped under his arm. ' He rushed on to take them. He pierced through the helmet vizards of Miyonoya. ' He leaped and wrenched off his helmet.

I sit here in this dark hovel, with one coat for the warm and the cold, and my body is but a frame-work of bones. CHORUS May as well be a priest with black sleeves. Now having left the world in sorrow, I look upon my withered shape. There is no one to pity me now. HIME Surely no one can live in that ruin, and yet a voice sounds from it. A beggar perhaps, let us take a few steps and see. KAGEKIYO My eyes will not show it me, yet the autumn wind is upon us. HIME The wind blows from an unknown past, and spreads our doubts through the world.

CHORUS These were the deeds of old, but oh, to tell them! To be telling them over now in his wretched condition. His life in the world is weary, he is near the end of his course. 'Go back,' he would say to his daughter. ' 'I will stay,' she said. Then she obeyed him, and only one voice is left. We tell this for the remembrance. Thus were the parent and child. END NOTES Ernest Fenollosa has left this memorandum on the stoicism of the last play: I asked Mr. Hirata how it could be considered natural or dutiful for the daughter to leave her father in such a condition.

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