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By Dalina Kallulli, Liliane Tasmowski

This quantity is a suite of articles on clitic doubling, a phenomenon that has preoccupied generative linguists because the Nineteen Eighties, whilst its theoretical significance used to be famous. Clitic doubling is generic within the Balkan languages. in spite of the fact that, generative stories at the beginning handled its homes in Romance languages, with the Balkan styles coming more and more into concentration. because the mid-nineties, those styles offered various demanding situations to the generalisations reached at the foundation of Romance, whereas additionally elevating new examine questions. the quantity bargains between different issues with the subsequent elements of the phenomenon: its extension inside of and outdoors the Balkan Sprachbund and the saw version; its realizational probabilities and the restrictions at the prestige of the doubled DP (direct or oblique item, pronominal or non-pronominal); its semantics (definite, particular, presupposed, neither) and pragmatics (topic or no longer, D-linked or not); its temporal and locational genesis; the connection among the clitic and its affiliate.

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On the north-south axis, there is variation with respect to the categories that can be clitic doubled. On the east-west axis, languages/dialects vary with respect to the conditions on clitic doubling, with almost total dependence on discourse factors in the easternmost dialects in the area and relatively complete grammaticalization in the westernmost ones. In the majority of the Macedonian dialects, discourse factors do not play any role and all definite direct objects and all spe­cific indirect objects are cli­tic doubled.

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