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By David L. Strayer (auth.), Jonathan Cole, Gary Lovett, Stuart Findlay (eds.)

Arising from the 3rd Cary convention held in 1989, Comparative Analyses of Ecosystems investigates the application and barriers of cross-system comparisons in ecology. The members, all famous of their box, help their conclusions at the use and that means of such comparisons via featuring novel analyses of knowledge using a number of cross-system techniques in marine, freshwater, and terrestrial systems.

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A further possibility that should be considered is mere coincidence. Falk (1981) tells the story: "When I happened to meet, while in New York, myoid friend Dan from Jerusalem, on New Year's Eve and precisely at the intersection where I was staying, the amazement was overwhelming. ' What precisely was the event the probability of which we wished to ascertain? I might have asked about the probability, while spending a whole year in New York, of meeting, at any time, in any part of the city, anyone from my large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Percentages may sum to > l00OJo because some articles used more than one technique. bOthers include ANCOVA, regression, MANOVA, path analysis, etc. interecosystem comparisons that are particularly insidious, albeit elementary: 1. We bias our results by the variables we choose to measure. 2. 3. 4. 5. We do not compare enough ecosystems at a time. We measure too many variables in too few ecosystems. We base interpretations on coincidences. We often make informal interecosystem comparisons. Problem 1.

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