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By Melody S. Clark (auth.), Melody S. Clark (eds.)

Since the appearance of the Human Genome venture, a growing number of disease-causing genes were chanced on and, occasionally, genetic assessments built. despite the fact that, this can be merely step one. the second one, a lot greater section is the research of the full series. What does the remainder of the DNA do? the reply to this query can be decided by means of desktop prediction, expression profiling, and comparative genome research.
Comparative Genomics covers such themes as choosing novel genes, choosing gene functionality, regulate sequences, and developmental switches. The e-book goals to illustrate how assorted ways occupied with version organisms, reminiscent of mutation experiences, expression profiling of cDNAs, in situ localization of message and comparative genome research (both on the gene and nucleotide point) will relief in our figuring out of the consequences popping out of the Human Genome undertaking and give a contribution considerably to our figuring out of the way genes function.

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THE DROSOPHILA GENOME: IMPLICATIONS FOR BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Studies in Drosophila have provided important insights towards the understanding of genes and pathways addressed in basic research. But they are also involved in understanding a variety of human diseases. In order to estimate the extent to which different types of human disorder genes are found in flies, Rubin et al. (2000) compiled a set of close to 300 human disorder genes and asked how many of them have an ortholog in Drosophila. Of the 289 human genes examined, 177 (61 %) were found.

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