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By Ernst Mayr (auth.), Kurt Benirschke (eds.)

Ten years in the past a symposium on Cytotaxonomy 'was held in London (Proc. Linn. Soc. Lond. 169:110, 1958) within which a primary try out used to be made to compile a number of disciplines to debate advances of mammalian cytogenetics and to place them into right context with the sciences of evolution and taxonomy. The introductory comments via \V. B. Turrill to that symposium, basically an admonishment to be tolerant of the quick­ comings of our respective disciplines, will be a well suited commence­ ning to this convention as ,,'ell. despite the fact that, the assembly held at Hanover was once conceived extra alongside the strains of comments made by means of R. B. Seymour Se,,'ell in his presidential tackle to an identical society: "It has been stated that scientists during this look for fact are these days an excessive amount of involved in the buildup of proof, and make too little use in their imagina­ tion of their makes an attempt to provide an explanation for such proof as they've got accrued. " (In "The continental go with the flow idea and the distribution of the Copepoda," ibid. 166:149, 1956. ) \\Tith this as a historical past, years in the past we held the 1st of a sequence of loosely-structured meetings on reproductive failure within the enjoyable surroundings of this small New England collage group. The manu­ scripts of that assembly were released (Comparative facets of Re­ efficient Failure, Springer-Verlag big apple Inc. , 1967).

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These are the chromosomes which have been involved in whole-arm rearrangements. The metacentrics (BI to B4) can be characterized individually, while the acrocentrics, which either have been derived from them, or have contributed to their formation were arbitrarily assigned to this group (see :Figure 6). Chromosome B4 has an almost symmetrical shape and is readily distinguished in 2n = 52, 54 and 58. Chromosomes B2 and H3 are present in both 2n = 52 and 2n = 54, whereas chromosome HI is found only in 2n 52.

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