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For a number of a long time the unsolved etiogenetic and healing difficulties of a number of sclerosis have provided the most powerful problem to investigate in neu rology. The wish of decisive theoretical and functional development elevated while an experimental version featuring far-reaching conformity of structural and pathogenetic good points used to be built, specifically continual re lapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (CREAE). up to now years, Dr. Lassmann has contributed considerably to the difference of this version with the purpose of accomplished overview, completely fol lowing up his personal principles in several experiences of person features. the hot hazard of constant and special research of the scientific, morphological and immunological features of temporal section series of autoimmune demyelination has ended in many new findings, corrections offormer hypotheses, and, from correlated stories of human a number of sclerosis, a sequence of vital information bearing on, for instance, early manifestations of demyelination, the variety of so-called acute mul tiple sclerosis and the occurrence of remyelination. additionally, Dr. Lass mann has analysed a number of unique difficulties which turned definable during his personal reports or in collaboration with different teams, in cluding the preliminary distribution of demyelinated foci, the cerebrospinal fluid phenomena and immunological findings within the apprehensive tissue. the result of those separate reviews additionally resulted in a deeper realizing of demyelinating procedures. This monograph integrates those reports and summarizes their re sults.

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1981) were performed on the same animals, thus allowing a direct comparison of histochemically visualized leakage in cerebral vessels with the immunochemical data. S a-f. Blood-brain barrier leakage in different stages of plaque development in chronic EAE in gui- [> nea pigs; same animals as Fig. 4. a, b Border of an active plaque with extensive inflammation, active demyelination, and peroxidase leakage. a Toluidine blue, b unstained adjacent section, x 345. c, d Actively demyelinating lesion with massive inflammation and peroxidase leakage.

3 Demyelination and Myelin Degradation in Multiple Sclerosis In multiple sclerosis the initial structural changes leading to demyelination are still conflicting. This is due mainly to difficulties in identification of active lesions. The most frequent alterations of myelin in lesions which were believed to be active were splitting of myelin lamellae (Perier and Gregorie 1965; Suzuki et al. 1969; Gonatas 1970) and the formation of small intramyelinic vesicles (de Preux and Mair 1974; Lumsden 1970; Kirk 1979).

1977; Auff and Budka 1980) and in astrocytes (Dubois-Dalq et al. 1975; Prineas and Raine 1976; Esiri 1977; Mussini et al. 1977) as well as in the periphery especially of actively demyelinating plaques (Simpson et al. 1969; Lumsden 1971). The study of immunoglobulins alone, however, is only of limited value for determination of BBB dysfunction as it cannot be decided whether these proteins are synthesized locally or derived from the circulation. Albumen leakage in MS plaques can be regarded as a more accurate indicator of BBB damage as this protein is exclusively synthesized in the 32 liver (Frick and Scheid-Seydel 1958; Cutler et al.

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