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By Purushottama Bilimoria, Michael Hemmingsen

As a Festschrift, this publication celebrates and honours the scholarly achievements of Professor Jaysankar Lal Shaw, the most eminent and the world over acclaimed comparative philosophers of our occasions. unique works through major overseas philosophers and logicians are offered right here, exploring subject matters equivalent to: which means, negation, notion and Indian and Buddhist platforms of philosophy, particularly Nyaya perspectives.

Professor Shaw’s untiring attempt to resolve many of the difficulties of up to date philosophy of language, common sense, epistemology, metaphysics and morals from the views of classical Indian philosophers or structures of philosophy is deserving of a tribute. Chapters during this quantity replicate the various features of Shaw’s contribution to comparative philosophy and are organised into 4 sections: Language, Epistemology, arithmetic and good judgment, Ethics and Politics.

These chapters may entice an individual drawn to philosophy or East-West pondering, together with scholars and execs. Graduates and researchers with pursuits in epistemology, metaphysics, political philosophy, common sense and non-western philosophy will locate this paintings hugely relevant.

Regarding the editors, Purushottama Bilimoria is a honorary professor at Deakin collage and examine fellow on the collage of Melbourne in Australia, a vacationing Professor and Lecturer at collage of California, Berkeley and Graduate Theological Union; Michael Hemmingsen is a PhD Candidate within the division of Philosophy at McMaster collage, Ontario, Canada.

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Kripke says as much when he says that, “pronominalisations can pick up either a previous semantic reference or a previous speaker’s reference” (Kripke 1977, p. 270). In either interpretation we can see how the first sentence has made salient an individual, either a concrete individual that is a focus of attention, or an individual indefinitely specified. Thus my suggestion as to how a noun phrase could be interpreted can still hold for ‘Smith’s murderer’ in either usage. My purpose in this article is to develop a suggestion about how the reference of certain complex noun phrases can be understood.

For example the reference of ‘she’ in an utterance of the following pair of sentences depends on some shared knowledge: ‘John’s older sister took her 2 year old daughter to the zoo. She is an entomologist’. Contemporary analytic philosophy in the Western tradition contains a variety of places where the pragmatic interpretation of singular terms is considered. Keith Donnellan has distinguished between the referential and attributive uses of definite 24 D. Lumsden descriptions and similar singular terms.

To explain, the sentence ‘Socrates is a man’ obtains its meaning not just from the meaning of its parts – namely ‘Socrates’ and ‘a man’. To give another example from Shaw, the meaning of the expression ‘a blue pot’ is not a mere function of the meaning of its two constitutive parts – ‘a pot’ and ‘blue’. What are the Nya¯ya arguments supporting this thesis? The argument that the Nya¯ya theory of meaning offers is that the sentence ‘Socrates is a man’ expresses a relation of identity. It is an identity between the two referents; namely, the referent of the term ‘Socrates’, and the referent of the term ‘a man’.

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