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The end of the iron-core age. Moon 7, 422-439. Mao, H. , (1974). A discussion of the iron oxides at high pressure with implications for the chemical and thermal evolution of the earth, Carnegie Inst. Wash. Yearb. 73, 511518. STATUS O F SPECULATIONS O N E A R T H C O R E COMPOSITION 49 MacDonald, G. J. , and L. Knopoff, a958)· The chemical com­ position of the outer core, J. Geophys. 1, 284-297. , (1966). Composition of the earth. Nature 211, 616618. McQueen, R. , and S. P. Marsh, C1966). Shock wave compression of iron-nickel alloys and the earth's core.

Ringwood's (1966a,b) estimate, which was calculated on the basis of a pyrolitic mantle and a chondritic earth, gives the Si content of the whole core as 11 wt %. Balchan and Cowan (1966), using ©irch, 1 9 6 5 ) , obtain a Si content of 14-15 wt % on the basis of compressibility measurements. The above three estimates were obtained by different methods, and their close agreement is remarkable. A fluid outer core containing 15-25 wt % Si (or S) is consistent with the earth models selected by Press (1968).

Amer. Bull. 76, 133-154. , (1972). The melting relations of iron and temper­ atures in the earth's core, Geophys. J. 29, 373-387. Bird, J. , and M. S. 19751. Josephinite; Speci­ mens from the earth's core?. Earth Planet. Sei. Lett. 23, 51-64. Brett, R. , (JL971). The earth's core: Speculations on its chem­ ical equilibrium with the mantle, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 35, 203-225. , and P. M. Bell, (1969). Melting relations in the Fe-rich portion of the Fe-FeS system at 30 kb pressure. Earth Planet.

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