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By Millard J. Erickson

Examines modern, conservative reviews on eschatology, critiquing some of the millennial positions and tribulational perspectives. heavily and severely examines the theological and hermeneutical procedure of dispensationalism. Describes each one place, its heritage, its significant innovations, and the arguments provided in help of every, stimulating believers to look the Scriptures to figure out which issues are real. encompasses a evaluate of lesser identified nineteenth and twentieth century positions, together with Schweitzer, Dodd, Bultmann, and Moltmann.

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If the day of the Lord includes the destruc­ tion of the powers of evil and if this took place on the cross, then that day has come. 4. The Christ-event also involves judgment of the world. In the death of Christ, said Paul, God manifested His righteousness and condemned sin in the flesh. Paul should be seen as, in effect, inter­ preting Jesus. Dodd placed somewhat greater confidence in Paul than did either the liberal “searchers” or Schweitzer. “This is the judgment, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil” (John 3:19).

6 For the premillennialist the millennium is a quality of existence very different from other ages, even a different type of world. For the postmillennialist it differs from the present age only in degree. Fifth, at the end of the millennium there will be a time of apostasy and a flare-up of evil occurring in connection with the coming of Antichrist. 7 It is understandable that those who have spent virtu­ ally their entire life in an environment of righteousness would scarcely be able to believe that sin, the devil, and his followers are as bad as they are said to be, or that they deserve such ultimate punishment as consignment to hell.

16. Karl Barth, How I Changed My Mind (Richmond: John Knox, 1966), PP. 21, 45. 61 Millennial Views however, that such persons represented the fringe element of postmillennialism. Most postmillennialists regarded the establishment of the earthly reign of Christ as supernatural in character. Postmillennialism has suffered a sharp decline in popularity in the past fifty to sixty years. In large part this has resulted more from historical than exegetical considerations. Certain develop­ ments seemed to supply empirical evidence that the millennium was not arriving.

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