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By Ronald Kelly, Brad Smith, Crossroad Press

From the grasp of Southern-Fried Horror comes a set of reports that may simply beat in the dead of night, diseased center of Dixie...- An deserted furnace, full of shadow and haunted by means of tormented ghosts, stands as a grim testomony to a time whilst cruelty and the abuse of human flesh was once woefully commonplace...- A man's obsession with mysterious roadkill on a lonesome kingdom street awakens a frightening starvation that cannot be satisfied...- boys permit interest get the higher of them and realize collector of monster motion picture memorabilia is anything greater than a retired grasp of greasepaint and latex...- A dimwitted projectionist at a small-town drive-in theatre upsets a Saturday evening crowd whilst he unwilling releases a dismal mystery from a dusty and forgotten movie can...- A grandfather's Christmas Eve tale of a unfinished trip via a drunken peddler captivates a tender boy and brings in regards to the supply of a yule present as soon as considered without end lost...- It began as not anything greater than a shortcut home... a detour via a shadowy stretch of woodland often called Tanglewood. yet what awaited an unsuspecting motive force, amid the comb and bramble, made an easy flat tire look like a scary trip into madness... 22 terrifying stories of Southern darkness and depravity from Ronald Kelly, the acclaimed writer of worry, Blood kinfolk, Hell hole, and dead night Grinding & different Twilight Terrors.

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