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Purpose-to obtain relief sinus headache. Time of return-I left the last space blank. You didn't have to fill in that line until you returned; and, right then, I wasn't at all certain I'd ever return. 3. The door tinkled twice, once when I opened it and again when I closed it. Laurel sprang up from her desk, her face, draining of all its color. She exclaimed in a furious whisper, "You're, late. I told you exactly four-" "It's only three minutes after four," I said. Laurel glanced at her wristwatch.

That was what I'd been waiting for her to say. I followed after her. At the desk Laurel was fumbling in her hurry to open her purse. She stood with even more of a shiny film of moisture over her face. "Quick. Slip this in your trouser pocket. Remember-I’ll be waiting in my car when your six-nineteen train gets you into Colfax Springs station. " What Laurel had pressed into my hand was only a silver dollar! "Don't stare at itl Hide it in your pocket," Laurel said in a frantic whisper. " "Didn't I tell you, yesterday evening?

This organization doesn't hire company spies. " "Harry, whatever you care to call it-" "You'd better get straightened out, right. I repeat: we do not employ company spies. However, we have a problem at all times to prevent our know-how-our research developments-everything we're doing here from leaking to competitors. We do employ high-grade security men. And security women. We've as impregnable a security setup as both Paul and I can make. At the same time, I'm aware that most leaks in space and electronics developments usually come either from some research scientist who sells out, or while a proposal is being processed in a Publications Section for final submission.

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