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By John C Davenport

This recognized Italian poet wrote The Divine Comedy, which was once an imaginary trip by way of the poet via Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. This paintings is known as a masterpiece of global literature.

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He moved quickly to change this. SERVING FLORENCE IN WAR AND PEACE Like many boys in Florence of his social class, Dante had received some military training. He had learned 51 52 Dante Dante Alighieri’s military training included learning how to ride a horse and how to wear armor. This bronze sculpture of a horseman is from the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence. From Boyhood to Manhood how to ride a horse, and how to maneuver it, as if in battle. He was also taught how to wear armor. Dante drilled with other youths and trained physically.

Perhaps Alighiero Alighieri was allowed to remain in Florence during the Ghibelline years because he was married to the daughter of a former Ghibelline leader. His wife, Bella degli Albati, came from an established and respected family. She was wealthy, well educated, and had solid political A Birth in Florence connections. She was a good match for Alighiero Alighieri. She loved him, and always remained loyal, no matter what happened. She was the type of woman Alighiero Alighieri needed. She was also a wonderful mother to baby Dante.

Along the way, however, he would also experience great sadness and disappointment. Dante’s Italy Test Your Knowledge 1 After the fall of Rome, what were conditions like in Italy? a. Barbarian kings took control. b. Local nobles and warlords vied for power. c. Communes arose, but were frequently controlled by wealthy men. d. All of the above. 2 Which of the following is true of the Italian city-states in Dante’s time? a. They encouraged tradesmen and merchants. b. They forbade banking within their boundaries.

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