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By S. W. Ahmed

Darkish topic, the invisible substance that constitutes the majority of all topic within the universe, continues to be one in every of science's maximum mysteries. yet what if it really is not anything greater than usual subject purposely hidden from our view? What if we're merely allowed to determine a small fraction of the celebrities in our galaxy, as the overwhelming majority of big name structures are teeming with extraterrestrial beings who desire to stay unseen? Marc Zemin, a super pupil of astrophysics, is the 1st human to ever bump into this startling mystery, while his experiments with wormhole shuttle reason extraterrestrial beings to land on the earth and whisk him away into house. To his astonishment, the extraterrestrial beings wish his assist in struggling with a gigantic galactic conflict that's speedily spiraling uncontrolled. yet as he struggles to outlive from conflict to conflict around the farthest reaches of the galaxy, he starts to discover a scary conspiracy at play, striving to maintain the warring civilizations in non-stop clash with one another. A determined race opposed to time ensues, as he and a handful of newfound alien neighbors attempt to cease the battle and confront this mysterious, strong strength bent on destroying all existence within the galaxy. yet any wish in their luck strangely seems to hinge on only one factor - even if Marc has the energy to beat his personal demons and face the shattering fact approximately who he particularly is.

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They were heading for the lower section of the ship, slowing down considerably as they reached the surface. He didn't see any entrance, however, and began to get worried that they would crash against the ship's wall. He braced himself for impact. But just as his container was about to hit the wall, a large section of it silently slipped away, revealing an open entrance to the interior of the ship. The cylinders glided right through the entrance, as if pulled in by some invisible rope. Marc had a hard time adjusting his eyes to the sudden increase in brightness that surrounded him.

Zemin," it said in English. As he followed the alien, Marc wondered again what he had gotten himself into. He still couldn't believe what had just happened to him. Any moment now, he expected to wake up and find himself in his lab, safe and sound back on Earth. But he couldn't recall ever having had a dream with such detail, such vividness and clarity in his life before. Just to make sure, he pinched himself again, hard. He immediately winced in pain. No, there was no doubt, this was no dream. Whether he liked it or not, he had just been abducted by aliens.

Yes, it was his pocket watch alright. "Where... " he asked in bewilderment. " "We will explain. Please come with us. Do not be afraid, Mr. " What happened next, Marc could never have imagined was scientifically possible. A pale, yellow cylinder began forming around him, starting at the bottom and working its way up to encase his whole body. The same kind of cylinders began forming around the alien in front of him and around all the other aliens in the circle. He could still see everything outside, as the cylinder was made of a transparent material, even after it had risen above his head and sealed shut.

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