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By Sherrilyn Kenyon

SHERRILYN KENYON-Shadow of the Moon-Angelia has fought her complete lifestyles to make herself powerful. Now, together with her patria below fireplace, she has to guard her humans from Fury and his werewolf extended family. Vowing to deliver him to justice, Angelia units out alone-until t

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She nodded. "I'm not kidding," he warned again. " He inclined his head to her before he shut the door. Angelia turned to find Bride closing the distance on her. Without a word and still holding the toddler, Bride stepped past her and opened the door. Fury was back in wolf form, lying in the hallway where he must have collapsed as soon as he closed the door. Her expression sympathetic, Bride knelt on the floor and sank one hand in his white fur. " He manifested in the hallway beside her. "What the hell's he doing here?

Anytime they were wounded, they reverted to their natural form. For her it was human. For Fury . . He was a wolf. Trying to keep that in mind, she knelt by his side. He growled threateningly until he looked up and met her gaze. The pain and torment in those dark turquoise eyes made her wince. And as she dropped her gaze, she saw the scar on his chest. The wound where she'd stabbed him. Guilt tore through her over what she should never have done. "Why don't you just finish the job," he said, his tone hostile and deadly.

Mama curled her lip. "Doesn't matter. You almost exposed us to the humans. Lucky for you, they evacuated quickly. " Fury tried to turn human again to tell them what was going on, but his magick wasn't cooperating. Not even his mental powers were working. It most likely had to do with the fact that someone else's powers were holding him down. Damn it! Dare glared at him and made a gesture to let him know it wasn't over. Then, he and Angelia left. "That means you, too, Wolf," Dev growled. " The forcefield dropped.

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