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By William W. Johnstone

Years after Wild invoice Hickok made his mark on Deadwood, Scratch Morton and Bo Creel make theirs. Their activity is guarding gold shipments from the mining camps - shipments that retain getting hijacked via a gang referred to as the Devils of Deadwood who carve pitchforks into their sufferers' our bodies. With Thanksgiving imminent, Scratch simply desires to carve a turkey with a good-looking widow girl at his part. path, whilst the U.S. military involves the rescue, all hell breaks unfastened. The widow will get taken hostage, so do a number of infantrymen. Now, Scratch and Bo are going after lacking gold and a band of vicious killers within the middle of a iciness typhoon.

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Davenport motioned for an end to the hubbub, but the noisy crowd ignored him. That lasted until a tall, hawk-faced man in a brown suit and Stetson strode up and said in a loud, clear, commanding voice, “All right, settle down, you people! ” Despite the fact that the day was chilly, Davenport pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped it over his face as an uneasy quiet settled on the crowd. “Thank God you’re here, Sheriff,” he said to the newcomer. ” Bo saw the badge on the hawk-faced man’s vest now.

Those varmints were cold-blooded murderers and had proven that on several occasions in the past. They had earned the nickname of Devils they had given themselves. If he surrendered, they’d just put a bullet in him. Besides, he was too old and stubborn to quit. Holding the reins in his left hand, he used his right to fumble the old cap-and-ball revolver from the holster at his waist. He twisted around on the seat and lifted the gun, earing back the hammer. It went off with a loud boom as he aimed at the riders thundering along right behind the wagon and pulled the trigger.

He, Scratch, and Sue Beth headed for the door along with most of the other customers inside the café. In a frontier town like Deadwood, any news always attracted a lot of attention. As they stepped out onto the boardwalk, Bo saw a crowd of people gathering in front of an impressive, two-story frame building across the street. A large sign stuck out from the front of the building above the boardwalk. It read BANK, and in smaller letters below that single word, STEBBINS, POST & CO. People seemed to be clustered around someone.

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