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By James Axler

The nuclear Armageddon of 2001 positioned the area on an odyssey of savage rebirth. Now, little greater than 100 years after the blast, the hunt for energy is viciously embraced via America's new masters, barons commanding fortresses known as villes, policed through stonehearts referred to as sec males. yet even during this darkish new international, heroes and legends are rising. certainly one of them is a warrior survivalist named Ryan Cawdor, believed to own pre-apocalyptic wisdom that holds desire for a beleaguered destiny.

Hungry and exhausted, Ryan and his band emerge from a redoubt right into a remarkably untouched predark urban, and discover a cache of guns and foodstuff. however the crew isn't by myself. between different interlopers, the town is guarded by means of large winged creatures, conserving the grisly secrets and techniques of a close-by barony. Holed up inside of an previous govt construction, the place Ryan's son, Dean, lies close to dying, Ryan and Krysty needs to raid the treacherous ville around the barren region the place a neighborhood baron makes use of human flesh as fertilizer.

within the Deathlands, evil is unstopable.

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Paper clips, rubber bands. He slammed the last one shut. ” Walking over to the small wet bar, Jak checked over the array of bottles. Liquor was a good item for trade, and vodka could also be used for cleaning wounds and degreasing weapons. “Son bitch,” the Cajun said in surprise. ” The others gathered close as he turned, holding a squashed cardboard box in the palm of his hand. The lid was ripped off, exposing the neat rows of red and brass shotgun shells nestled inside. “Army issue,” Ryan said, scowling.

He didn’t recognize the color combination, so they had never been in this redoubt before. For the millionth time, he wondered why the predark scientists had decided to color code the redoubts instead of just putting up signs listing the locations. Just another of the endless ancient mysteries they would probably never solve. Drawing in a lungful of air, Cawdor noted the atmosphere tasted flat and smelled antiseptically clean, as if every possible sign of life were missing. On the rare occasions they found an inhabited redoubt, there were faint odors of sweat, sex, blasters and food, hot oil in machines, the sharp stink of ozone from the nuclear reactor.

Moving to the top floor, the companions found the garage equally devoid of useful items. Bits and pieces of vehicles lay scattered about, but none in working condition. Heaps of trash were everywhere, string and paper and excelsior packing material, along with numerous crumpled cardboard boxes. The others moved about the huge room, giving it a quick once-over. B. headed directly for a battered Hummer near a workbench. The tires were flat, its headlights busted and the hood was up, exposing the partially disassembled engine.

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