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By James Axler

Uncooked choice in a stillborn land... by means of James Axler

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B. split off to the right, assuming positions that kept them close to the wall, taking advantage of the scant cover provided by the concrete pillar. " Ryan asked. Jak nodded, a grin splitting his scarred and pitted white visage. B. had guessed exactly what Ryan was telling the albino, even though the one-eyed man had deliberately kept his voice low, in case the rooms were, in fact, occupied. The Armorer turned to Dean and Mildred. "We need to see if those rooms are free. Ryan's sending Jak into the shower room.

In the corridor, all was quiet. Uncannily so, given that there were seven people in the two side rooms, and at least nine people at the bend of the tunnel—although two of those were chilled, and the only sound that broke the silence was the low moan from the survivor of the first wave, now almost delirious and drifting close to unconsciousness from loss of blood. The silence was about to be broken. Ryan, standing where he could be seen from the opposing door, indicated with a slight inclination of his head that he was about to leave the shower room.

Her long beaded plaits shook as she trembled, stretching every muscle that she could persuade to work. " Dr. Mildred Wyeth was one of only two members of the group that had firsthand knowledge of the world before skydark. In the late twentieth century she, as a working doctor herself, had accepted that she would have to have a minor operation. There was no real risk, except that she developed a severe allergic reaction to the anesthetic, and she was cryogenically frozen until the problem could be sorted out.

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