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  • 3 Tips for Avoiding GMOs on Your Menu

    3 Tips for Avoiding GMOs on Your Menu There has been a lot of controversy over GMOs in the general food supply recently. While restaurants have not seen a huge demand for non-GMO menu items… it’s coming! So what can you do to avoid GMOs on your menu? Here’s a few tips: 1. Check the […]

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  • Company Cafe

    Company Cafe

    Company Cafe, located right here in Dallas, is a restaurant after my own heart! They do their best to purchase all-local, organic foods to use in their menu items. Started in 2011, they have been paving the way for more health- & environment- conscious restaurants to make an impact on the local Dallas market. I […]

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  • 5 Ways to Reduce Sodium at Your Restaurant

    Salt & Pepper

    With the new menu labeling law, many restaurants fear that high sodium and fat levels will drive away their customers. There is hope! Even if your restaurant’s menu items are high in sodium and fat, there are ways to combat the issue. Today, we are going to focus on sodium. Fat will be another day […]

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  • Southwest Food Service Expo 2012

    Southwest Food Service Expo 2012

    We had the last-minute opportunity to participate in this year’s Southwest Food Service Expo which is sponsored by the Texas Restaurant Association. So last-minute that we were the very last booth! But I think it was well worth the long nights this past week. We met with restaurants and businesses from all over – we […]

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  • How Many Calories in Crawfish?

    Calories in Crawfish

    It’s crawfish season! I’ve already been to a few boils myself this year and I was curious how any calories I was really eating. Or, rather, how much everyone else was eating… Crawfish are freshwater crustaceans and abundant in the swamps and marshes of south Louisiana. Sometimes they are also called crayfish.  6 to 7 […]

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  • Menu Labeling: The Green Light Special

    Menu Labeling - Green Light

    Menu Labeling: The Green Light Special A recent study by Oklahoma State University (OSU) on menu labeling may have some insight into the most effective way to reach customers and reduce their calorie intake. Many recent studies have indicated that there are minimal benefits to menu labeling. However, this study from OSU indicates that maybe […]

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  • Final Menu Labeling Regulations

    Convenience Store

      The Center for Science in the Public Interest is urging citizens to support President Obama’s final menu labeling regulations. Many lobbyists are trying to prevent establishments like movie theaters and convenience stores from providing menu labeling to the public. If you agree that these establishments should provide calorie and nutrition information, please click on […]

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  • Some Restaurant Customers Prefer Smaller Portions on Menu

    Fast Food Restauant Menu

    Some Restaurant Customers May Prefer Smaller Portions on Menu With the new menu labeling laws in effect, some people are questioning whether it will really make an impact on obesity. Obviously, this is not “the answer” but one of many efforts to give consumers a choice. And there is encouraging news for restaurants! A recent […]

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  • Cutting Toys to Cut Calories

    Cutting Toys to Cut Calories Obesity trends have been a major focus in the last few years. It has brought about a lot of changes like menu labeling, health care reform, and even consumer demands for healthy options. I recently read an article about how a county in California is cutting toys that are given […]

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  • Can Your Restaurant Improve Its Menu?

    A recent article in Restaurant Management has some fresh ideas for your Dallas restaurant’s menu. There’s a little paragraph about each of points below, so be sure to read the whole article:  1. Give chefs autonomy 2. Take a walk on the wild side and hire a forager 3. Produce your own ingredients 4. Look […]

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