• Bread Winners Loves Evaluate the Plate

    Bread Winners Cafe in Dallas, TX (Uptown)

    Bread Winners Cafe located in Dallas (Uptown & Inwood Village) and Plano, TX was a thrill to work with! With a unique atmosphere, great outdoor seating, and scrumptious food, they have become a Dallas household name. Because they are known for their brunch and bakery items, you may not exactly think of them as a […]

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  • Receipt Holder Card Marketing Tool

      This receipt holder card was created for Bread Winners Cafe located in Dallas, TX. It reminds customers of Bread Winners’ healthier options as they sign the check.  We even matched their current marketing style so Bread Winners can start using the receipt holder card right away. Evaluate the Plate can make a receipt holder […]

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  • Nutrition Analysis

    Evaluate the Plate specializes in nutrition analysis and menu reform for the modern restaurant. By providing healthier menu options, your restaurant can attract health conscious consumers while empowering all customers to make healthier choices. We provide the most up to date, FDA compliant nutritional analysis at competitive prices.  Each recipe analysis is personally reviewed by […]

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  • Consulting

    Evaluate the Plate provides nutrition and menu consulting for a variety of needs. Your restaurant may not have as many healthy options as you would like. We can work with your current options to either create new items or spruce up a few old ones. Or maybe you are looking for a way to use […]

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  • Mini Menu Marketing Tool

        This mini menu was created for Bread Winners Cafe located in Dallas, TX. It highlights their healthier menu options and helps drives customers to these featured items. Every menu item is less than 520 calories and has less than 25g of fat so customers know exactly how these items fit into their lifestyles. […]

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